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My Story

I came to photography at a young age.   After showing some interest my father let me use his 35mm rangefinder camera to try my hand.  I really enjoyed it.  When he was assigned to Vietnam in 1969 he sent each of us kids a special gift for christmas. My special gift was my own 35mm camera, which is the only film camera I still own.

As things go and life moves on I continued to dream of photography and take pictures.  Career and life choices shifted my focus and gave me a great engineering and business career but my interest and love of photography never wained.  When photography and computers began to merge in the 1990’s I had my opening and I jumped back in with both feet. Since taking up photography again I have started to look at things around me differently.  It is really amazing how much beauty is in everyday items and locations.

I am now living the dream I had as a boy, I am a professional photographer. My subjects range all over the world of photography. My galleries include photographs taken anywhere from my dining room table to a glacier in Alaska.  Although I have a broad range of subjects I love to study the real world with my photography. This may be nature's world of flowers and mountains or the man-made world of buildings, vehicles and artifacts.

I enjoy sharing my work and am thankful for those who indulge me by looking through my galleries.

Photography is a skill that can be learned but to truly be a great photographer it must be something coming from within.  I hope my photography is something from within.  That is for you to decide.  I will be sharing my work with all that will look for the rest of my life.  I hope you enjoy looking.

I continue to hone my craft by taking photographs, by studying with the best photographers I can find, and by taking more photographs.


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