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In some instances we are attempting to capture a connection or helping a viewer to feel a connection to our subject. This is especially significant for nature images and some portrait photography. I find it mostsignificant when capturing pet portraits since these are many times a remeberance for the owner.

For nature images you want the viewer to feel as if they are in the photograph or at the location and surrounded by the image. The forest shown here connects by giving me the feeling I can walk into the scene.

For pet portraits and other animal images the eyes make the difference. The focus on the eyes will be a significant and when the subject is looking at the lens then they are looking at the viewer. As with most portraits a clean and unclutteredMandy environment allows the viewer to concnetrate on what you as a photographer intends, the subject.

Personal Note

This is my friend of 15 years, Mandy. After so many years of companionship, teaching me what it really meant to be a friend and offering me unconditional love Mandy's health and quality of life forced me to take the steps nature had yet to take. I will miss her terribly but remember her always. This last portrait gives me more pleasure than any photograph I have taken in many years. Goodbye my dear friend. Run without pain again, bark to tell everyone you are there and forgive me for all of those times I did not appreciate exactly what a gift you had given me with your love.